The more you dive into the beauty world and trends, the more you might have heard of that word called Microblading, how it’s mentioned when celebrities known as beauty icons, like Madonna or Demi Lovato are brought up in discussions, and how many women out there are thankful that it exists and keep spreading their satisfactions everywhere. What exactly is Microblading though? How does it enhance our beauty and does it actually come with side effects? Lucky for you, given that it’s a practice that we also execute, we have prepared a brief explanation of how it works like, its advantages, and also a list of advices and precautions so we let you know. After all, as we always say, your well-being and self-satisfaction is our pride.
What does microblading do?

While with the traditional method of eyebrow tattooing the ink is placed as deep underneath the skin, microblading’s advantages dominate thanks to its unique, innovative, and impressive methodology. Instead of the tattoo gun, which is often rightfully considered as substandard by experts and bloggers, microblading uses a special and significantly less invasive blade-shaped tool which has a row of tiny needles that are almost invisible in order to create hair-like strokes along your eyebrow areas while it deposits pigment into your skin. Conclusively, brow hairs look way more realistic as natural, as they just make your actual eyebrows look fuller and darker.

That being said, unlike the traditional method, microblading is not permanent. That’s because of the cycles that skin naturally and always goes through, and eventually, the ink either moves around underneath the skin or rises to the skin surface. Moreover, another highlight of microblading is that the blacks do not turn brown, or worse, blue. Even while the color fades, it will stay true to its original tone.


Even microblading has a lot of benefits, it still requires regular touchups as long as perfection and longevity is what you seek. Through consistent consultation and professional touch-ups every year, it is very likely that you will help your eyebrows look fresh for several years. Usually, microblading tends to last from one to three years, depending on the type of your skin. Oilier and greasier skins often come up with more complexities, and the opposite with less.


Microblading is not painless. Its pain can be a little irritating and make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but it’s definitely far from being unbearable. The pain level that you might feel will depend on the natural pain tolerance that you have. Some of our customers that have tried it out compare the pain to a cat scratch.


While it’s almost impossible for the organic pigments that are used for this procedure to cause any allergic reaction, it still might happen and assurance is needed. As a result, it is really important to ask the esthetician in advance about the types of pigment that will be used, and how they confirm allergic reactions.


It is guaranteed that the microbladed brows will heal completely in less than a month, but that also depends on how thoroughly you follow the instructions that the artist recommends. The common effects are redness, scabbing and swelling during the first week. It is most recommended that you shouldn’t get your eyebrows wet while getting washed, you shouldn’t sweat heavily, and you shouldn’t let the skin be exposed by the sunlight for a week after getting microblading. Experts and doctors also suggest applying antibacterial ointments to your eyebrows once every two hours throughout the first 24 hours. A layer of Aquaphor (both morning and night) or Vaseline for a week is an additional help to your skin to keep that area protected and moist enough.

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