After a long day at work, or doing some chores, we all love that glorious moment when we finally get to bed and take a good rest especially now that it’s winter. The warmth and the relaxation that it offers… what more could you possibly ask for after all? That being said, if you’d like to keep having the skin of your dreams, even during this cold and dry period, then it’s obvious that this time of peace comes at a cost if you don’t take care of yourself in advance. Whether you want this cost to be temporal, or at your very own self, that is up to you. Just like the morning routine that we talked about on our previous blog, taking care of our skin before we get to sleep is also just as important. No matter how hard we try, we are constantly exposed to pollutants like dirt, oil, smoke, sun, and even wind throughout the day. All these “intruders” build up on your skin eventually, and clog your pores too. Not to mention those who wear makeup, because that’s nothing more than just another additional item to what stay on your face all day long. By following a night time skin care routine you do not only clean and soothe your skin, but you also help its natural ability to repair, rejuvenate, and undo all the daytime damage. Your skin actively produces new skin cells and improves your skin’s texture.

1. Remove your Make-Up (If you are wearing any): Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin. You can do that with the same cleanser that you use in the morning. Work from the inside of the face up, and out and down afterwards, along the hairline and the perimeter underneath the chin.

2. Introduce your skin with your toner, again: A good toner removes the remaining bits of debris and oil left behind by the previous cleansers, and it also shrinks the skin pores and provides your skin with a pH level equilibrium. If your skin is severely oily, then you might want to not miss this step.

3. Then, the eyes’ cream, again: As we also mentioned on our Morning Skin Care Routine blog, the skin area around the eyes is thinnest and most fragile area on your face, as well as the first one to indicate aging signs. This step is especially important before sleep. A good eye cream can minimise the look of dark circles, puffiness and even wrinkles! You can also use under-eye patches.
4. Moisturising time, again: The next, and probably most important step in your night skincare, is using a nourishing and rich face cream, or a standard moisturizer to help your skin absorb all the goodness from the skincare products that you previously applied by locking them in. On this step you also hydrate your skin, and boost skin cells’ regeneration overnight at the same time. We would recommend to go for a skin cream that is enriched with anti-ageing elements and also vitamins. A perfect example would be our Imagine Shea Butter, an exclusivity we pride on, and an aspiration that is finally coming to life.

5. Optional steps, because we are perfectionists: If you have the time and motivation, you can also consider applying a mask (depending on your skin type and concerns) once or twice a week after cleansing and moisturising. If your skin is oriented to the dry side, you can use a hydrating mask, or if it is oily, use a clay mask. If your facial skin is still feeling parched, applying
a face oil would be a good way to help the skin lock in some good moisture overnight. Make sure to apply by gently and evenly pressing it into your skin, not by just rubbing it in.

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