Imagine Shea Butter: An Exclusivity That We Pride On

Our team has continuously shared its love toward Africa and the infinity of wonders that it holds, and we really no reason for us to stop doing that. It’s when you take a closer look and get to experience what it offers when you truly realise what an overlooked continent it is. The natural beauty is not where the formidability of Africa ends, for there is also its rich culture and tradition that can blow the minds of every kind of enthusiasts. As beauty freaks, this is the part where we point our eyes at. After visiting Ghana, an incredible country full of lovely and welcoming people, not only did we find a treasure of a product line to distribute to the world, but we also learned a lot while we thoroughly followed the production processes of the locals. Out of the numerous projects of ours that will be unfolded in the future, it is none other than the miraculous Shea Butter that we would love to begin with, given its values that can certainly not be counted with our fingers!
Our team is currently striving to bring out Africa’s best and offer it to our precious customers. Because your well-being is our pride, we have decided to aim at making the purest, first-rate Shea Butter, which also happens to be one of the most valuable and dearest products to Africans. All of that isn’t just an outcome of the essential nutrients that are undoubtedly great for your skin and body, but also because of the effort put “behind-the-scene”. This time, we’re not referring to our team, but to the local women in the depths of Ghanaian landscapes, whose handcraft and tradition devotion is beyond compare.
For those women, Shea butter isn’t just an essential ingredient used for multiple purposes. It is a vital source of financial independence. We are very proud and happy to say that this investment of ours has empowered hundreds of women by simply giving them an actual profession, and most importantly, an audacity in the so-called “man’s world” traditionally. There are plenty of perceptions when it comes to feminism, but in this case, it’s about women being treated equally and respected within their communities, and being able to support their spouses and children. After all, the real experts are none other but them, and being capable of helping them share their skills and traditions with the world is just an incredible honour. That in itself is simply priceless and beautiful

We will never forget the experiences that we get to witness with our very own eyes and ears. Each time we arrive, the locals host a ceremonious welcome and everyone gathers round to watch and greet us. There are wonderful and adorable children playing and running around, and the rest is always either dancing or singing. Goosebumps and even tears explode with every single visit!

One of the locals, Abaa, one of our dearest employees who has a crucial role in the production stage states: “The Shea Butter making is a work that helps us do and achieve a lot of things. Some of those include helping us take our children to school, taking care of their health, and for us as well. It’s wonderful that we do not only promote good health to our bodies by consuming this product and applying to our skins and hair, but we also can support our families in so many ways, and bringing joy to our households. When issues arise at home, we are finally able to support our spouses. We are more than thankful, and we welcome you to try our products.”
The Shea Butter production is a long-standing tradition in Africa. The Shea nut trees are mostly found in the Northern parts of Ghana, and the women are chiefly involved. The locals describe it as a challenging and relatively long procedure, as Shea Butter is still produced in hand-using traditional methods, precisely as it was done hundreds of years ago. It is simpler, more fascinating and relaxing when women collaborate and support each other. The stages are briefly listed and explained below:

1. The Shea Fruit Collection: The women assemble under a large tree, where they may work from early morning, until late afternoon, while being shielded from the harsh sunlight. The Shea fruits are harvested and peeled to bring out their hearts, the Shea nuts. Damaged nuts are removed.

2. Washing and Drying of Shea Nuts: After the women collect water from the borehole, they fill large tubs, which they afterwards carry on their heads. The Shea nuts are rinsed several times in order make sure that the dust and other impurities are taken off. Afterwards, they are laid out and spread on racks so they get dried naturally by the sun.

3. Crushing of Shea Nuts: The dried nuts are crushed into smaller pieces so they become easier to process and so the butter turns out finer and smoother too.

4. Roasting the Shea Nuts: The crushed nuts are thrown into huge metallic bowls that are put on large bowls and roasted with the campfire for a while. When a coffee-chocolate aroma is emitted, it means they are ready!

5. The Paste Formation: The nut pieces are grinded finely into a paste, which then is set aside for a whole day.

6. Water is gradually and repeatedly added to the paste, which the women then knead in a forward-leaning position up to the point it’s smoothened.

7. The paste is again heated over the fine until the fats rise to the top, and the paste settles in the bottom.

8. The fat is then collected from the top of the paste, to set aside to be solidified to the final product: Our authentic Shea Butter.

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